WHO Confirms India’s Zika virus case in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Gujarat, initial three cases of the Zika virus were accounted January 2017 in Ahmedabad the World Health Organization affirmed in its disease outbreak announcement released on Friday. It said the center confirmed the three cases of the Zika virus in which the two pregnant women and in an elderly man on 15 May 2017.zika virus case in ahmedabad

“These are old cases they were affirmed in January. We imparted the data with WHO then who had now open to go Public These are no fresh cases said a union Health Ministry official.

All the cases were reported from Bapunagar here the patients tested positive at the Gujarat government run B J Medical College Union Minister of state for health Anupriya Patel in a written reply in the Lok Sabha in March this year had affirmed one Zika case in Ahmedabad.

Speaking to the Sunday Express J P Gupta commissioner of Health Gujarat said all three patients were now “free from Zika Virus”. “Leading normal lives” and “not under any medication”.

He added that the children of both pregnant women were born without symptoms like abnormal shrinking of head associated with Zika which had an outbreak in Brazil in early 2015.

Gujarat Health commissioner Gupta said the surveillance on three patients has been lifted. “They can rein fact people within six weeks of acquiring the virus after that they are Zika free” he said adding that the woman who was pregnant and her child were both normal and there child both normal and there was “no sign of any problems in the child”.

“We identified the cases during random survey. The samples of more than 50,000 families in Bapunagar were taken we are waiting for the center advisory on whether the cases were indigenous acquired from outside” said Gupta.

“There is a protocol and we have followed it. we have made sure that after the cases were confirmed we did the required fogging sprayed medicines as per WHO rules monitored people for fever ensure active surveillance in the area where positive cases were detected and positive surveillance in other areas” said Gupta.

The report says that “ICMR tested 34,223 human samples and 12,647 mosquito samples for the presence of Zika virus among those close to 500 mosquitoes sample were collected from Bapunagar area Ahmedabad and were found negative for Zika”.

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